VII. Diamond/CBN Honing-Stones substitute traditional Honing-tools.
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Monday, 15 January 2001 00:00


>>> Synthetic Diamond & CBN Honing stick is a kind of renewing product extensively applied in machine-making industries such as cylinder, oil cylinder and precision inner circle processing.
>>> Featuring high efficiency, long-life and superior precision of processing, they have gradually replaced the traditional silicon carbide honing sticks. With much longer life than traditional grinding tools by 500 times, higher working efficiency that improved at twice, and better brightness improved about 2-3grades, they are really the ideal choice for honing technique.
>>> After years of exploration and research, we have developed "Yinglong" honing sticks series. They adopt advanced formula, unique producing techniques, which make them more stable, more effective and more durable to abrasion. Approved by a lot of famous enterprises of China, the quality and technical parameters have reached the standard of the similar imported products. The experts and leaders of National Association of gas engine also have set high value on the product series.
>>> Diamond/CBN Honing-stone loaded with honing-machine. Widely adopt in processing Black-metal, High-speed steel, Stainless steel, Alnico, Chrome and Ilmenite etc. Improve the process efficiency and process precision as well as low comprehensive costs. Our models include 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm etc. Mainly adopted in the field of Moulding, Compressor, Automobile Components and Sartorius manufacture etc.

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