IX. Successed in developed CBN Grinding-wheels for Crankshaft-grinding.
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Tuesday, 10 September 2002 00:00

>>> Grinding-wheels are manufactured into different models and patterns according to specfic grindings and grinders. Ordinary Grinding-wheels include: Plain Grinding-wheel, Tubbish Grinding-wheel, Cup Grinding-wheel, Dished Grinding-wheel and Taper-cup Grinding-wheel etc.
>>> We manufacture Diamond/CBN Grinding-wheels and abrasive-materials; Adopt of field of Glass and ceramic grinding; Metallic Grinding-wheels and Resinoid Grinding-wheels used in Glass-processing field; Polishing wheel; Diamond tools used to process magnetic and hard-alloy materials; in addition to irregular Diamond/CBN Grinding-wheels suit to different grinding.
>>> Choose of Grinding-wheels:
1. Soft and Upper Grit-number Grinding-wheel should be choosed for grinding hard materials. In corresponse the hard and Lower Grit-number Grinding-wheel suit to soft materials. It will save the usage of Grinding-wheel as well as anti-jam.
2. Coarse-grinding choose soft Grinding-wheel. Fine-ginding should use hard Grinding-wheel.
3. Large plane-grinding or thin-workpiece grinding should have lower Grit-number and soft Grinding-wheels. In order to keep shape and anti-burning of workpieces.
4. Shaped Grinding should use Upper Grit-number and hard grinding-wheel to keep the outline of the wheel.
>>> Under the premise of abundant practise-experiences as well as theoretical knowledges. We successfully developed into CBN Grinding-wheel for Crankshaft grinding. Our products pocess the merits of High-precision grinding, excellent Heat-resistance, Great wearable and Keep shaping at all time etc. Adopted in Crankshaft production line, our grinding-wheels could improve the efficiency largely and save production costs. It suits to the outer Grinding-machine, Inner-grinder, Angle "r" grinding of crankshaft etc.

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