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metallic grinding-wheels -

>>> Diamond & CBN Grinding-wheel is the ideal tool for Sinter?ceramic?glass grinding. We adopt the advanced technology and unique formula to manufacture the excellent Diamond & CBN wheels. With the advantages of more grinding capability, low-cost grinding etc.
>>> Resinoid Bond (Code S): Major component is Resin. The grinding-wheel in Resinoid bond posses the merits of high-intensity and well elasticity. Mainly adopt in high-speed grinding, cutting and notch etc. While the heat-resistant capability is relatively low.
>>> Resinoid Diamond & CBN Grinding-wheel:
1. Levigation wheel: Well resin with advanced formula. Compound with the excellent Diamond & CBN powders. The wheel could exert the biggest grinding-capability with the help of grinding-paste. It is the fine product in Levigation wheels.
2. Heat-resistance wheel: Adopt of heat-resistance resin with kinds of formula, it is the ideal product for dozens of different grinded with the stable quality.
3. Grinding-wheel in unique materials: The tech. dept. of Yinglong experienced many times of research. Adopt of unique materials and formula to manufacture the excellent Diamond & CBN wheels. The results show that the wheel worked ideally with the best sharp and grinding-capability.
>>>Metallic Bond (Code J): With normal-seen Bronze bonded (Code Q) to manufacture Diamond & CBN wheels. The characteristics of this kind of wheels is the excellent sharpness and high-intensity with relatively toughness. While this wheel have the low self-amending capability.
>>> Attention One: The heat-resistance wheel could be manufactured of Black, Brown-red, green, white etc. according to your requirements. And the wheel would be regulated with formula according to the different grinded.
Attention Two: The Resinoid wheels could be divided into Red, Green and Black.
Attention Three: Non-ordinary wheels could be manufacture according to your specific requirements.
Attention Four: We provide the technical support for your.
>>> Diamond & CBN Grinding-wheels (Plain, Dished, Taper-cup and Cup-wheels) are manufactured by Resinoid, Metallic and Elec-Plated. The metallic wheels suit to the grinding of Optics, glass, semi-conductor, ceramic and other hard-brittle materials. The resinoid wheel suit to the grinding of Sinter blades, Sinter saw-blades and Sinter millers and other sintered materials. The Elec-plated wheels suit to the process of high-intensity and non-metal materials.

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