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CBN Grinding Wheel for Crankshaft & Camshaft

The Crankshaft and Camshaft are key components in piston engines of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats , model aircraft, lawnmower engines, and it plays an important role to withstand shock loads and power transmission.

Camshaft is used to control the opening and closing of the valve. Although the speed of the Camshaft is only half of the Crankshaft in four-stroke engine, its rotate speed steel is still high and it need to support the large torque.

How to Grind Camshaft / Crankshaft? Choose CBN Vitrified Grinding-wheels.

Commodity: CBN Grinding-wheels; Vitrified Bond Grinding-wheels;

Application: Grind Camshaft, Grind Crankshaft, Grind Auto Camshaft, Grind Auto Crankshaft, Grind flange end, grind shaft head and so on..
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